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Random News

June 27th- chicago has come and gone. We played 2 games, lost both. Got worked our first game 11 to 3 vs palm beach vipers. Our second game was very close and came down to the wire, we had a 3-0 lead on them to start off with. then they caught up, and it was back and forth. FBH had to play with 2 in the penelty box (poor reffing, lead to that) 3 on 5 games were not that fun. Oh wells, next is Penn, and we will hopefully play far better. After chicago there is no doubt in my mind that x-ball is the way of the future. is the absolute best paintball format to date.

July 22nd - Hello to all, the main reason this website hasnt been updated alot in the past few months is because Hysteria has mainly been playing X-ball for FBH, and hasnt had a chance to do our own thing. But that may be changing very soon as we are considering breaking away from Paintball Heat. (Paintball Heat should take no offense to this, We are just thinking it might be time for us to part ways, but nothing is set in stone yet) We have had one Hysteria team meeting about it, and we will have another one pretty soon. 5 man or possibly our own X-ball team may be our future, we are not stepping back from playing national level events....I will keep this updated with our decision...

July 26th- Practiced a local team Shock Therapy (Michaels dad plays with them) at Kobra Paintball. Was a good time i suppose, we bought this white box stuff cuz it was cheap, but some halos wouldnt see it so guns wouldnt shoot. Only got to play 4 games with Shock Therapy as the heat was insaine. After they left we played a few 2 on 2's but then we all just went to Castle Del' DeWitt and hopped in the pool.

July 28th- Looks as though the Hysteria kids arnt playing PSP NEO. 1 works. 1 is grounded forever, 2 Dont have the money, and the other 2 dont want to play without the other Hysteria players. Unless an awsome 5 man oppurtunity comes about for Isaac and Jeremy, no Hysteria players at PSP NEO. Check out Michael Bruns in the new PB2X. September 2005 issue, page 68. Pics on Opening Page.

August 2nd- Wen't to heat for practice. It was Jeremy, JJ, Isaac, wearing DPI jerseys, and Kyle and Max with there Piracy jerseys. So we had the 5 of us vs whoever. We pirates only dropped 1 game all day, (which came down to a 1 on 1). Was a good time, Jeremys amazing girlfriend Allison came, and JJ's amazing lover Michael came as well. Good times......

August 14th- After hopping on paintball heats website today, i saw that our team was no longer on there list of "sponsored" teams. Even though in a side talk with TJ we discussed that we would love to remain  house players, and be a house team, just like we came into heat. And just play 5 man, or maybe our own X-ball project.  I guess if were not shooting faces and winning games for FBH, were not welcome at heat? Kind of lame i had to find out via stumbling onto a website, and not from Heat themselves. Oh well i guess.....better to find out now that they were not going to be suportive of what our team wanted to do with its future. viva la hysteria : )

September 14th- Durka Durka. We put a throw together team in the CTS at Paintball Valley. Me, Isaac, Drew, Rieber, and Rookie. We got first. Then DQ'd for haveing a player rostered with 2 teams. The Hysteria kids might do the last CTS to shoot Heavy Duty's guys in the face a bunch for getting us DQ'd for no reason. Played as Extreme Squid Ranch Factory. ARRGGGG

September 17th- Isaac and JJ have become injured in a soccer game. Lakewood Park is a bad school for letting my friends get hurt. JJ broke his colar bone, and Isaac tore a ligament in his leg. They plan to be back in roughly a month.

October 7th- Well World Cup is coming up and Isaac and Jeremy will be hoping on board with the Piracy crew to play Division II x-ball. So check the scores and whatnot and cheer Piracy on.

October 19th- Hello all, I was just watching the 2004 highlight video of Hysteria and holy crapola. That was the absolute best year of my life so far. The time ive spent on the road with my best friends is amazing. Going to world cup would be so much more fun if everyone was going. But me and isaac will have a killer time none the less. Also, i was plotting to get on here to just mention how much i enjoyed being on the road with my friends when i noticed that i havent talked to Markus in months. And last time i did talk to him, he said he hasnt played paintball since we left Paintball Heat. So i guess i will take him off the website?? Not that mark wont be a Hysteria kid anymore, but since he hasnt played with the team in so long, i suppose ill just take him off the players page. Im highly considering making a hysteria affiliate page. Something with all of our tight friends and former teamates and stuff (ie jacob colby, tyler blackburn, markus mingle that kinda stuff) If i can make something suiting i will get that up there.

October 31st- Happy Hday. Got back from Florida yesterday, cup was great. We lost our first game by 1 point in the last few seconds to Team Panic. Then won our second game against disaster. Then lost our third game pretty badly to PunishersPB.com. Had 2 pros on our team Adam Ramser from Miami Effect. And Phish from Brimstone Smoke. our full roster was...Kenny-Asylum, Jodi-Heavy Duty, Ramser-Miami Effect, Phish-Brimstone Smoke, Jeremy-Hysteria, Isaac-Hysteria, Luke, Josh, John, Dave, Max-Piracy and Skilly-FBH. Was an awsome time, cant wait to play ball with Phish, Ramser, Kenny and them again. If you reball, go to http://www.thirdeyepaintball.com/ Phish owns and opperates this facility. Much love for everyone we played ball with, had a great time at cup.

December 4th- We are in the works of hoping on a national level team for next year. Have some good things going :)

January 21st- We will be playing the 2k6 psp xball season with Emerge. We are playing 3 events. TBA which ones. xoxo

March 25th 2006- Jeremy Michael and Isaac will be playing a 3 man tournament next month at apoc. I also believe Michael will be guesting with Shock Therapy at the Badlandz CTS as he often does.

April 22nd 2006- Jeremy Michael and John Crover played in the 3 man tournament at angola.  We got 2nd, we should have gotten first but we were dumb and let the time run out on us both of our finals games. We were in position to win both games the first being a 2 on 2 that became a 1 on 2 in the last few seconds in our favor but ran out of time. and the second being a 2 on 2 with michael getting to their head of the snake as time ran out. So both games could have easily gone in our favor but we didnt play fast enough, such is life. I'll post Shock Therapys CTS score when i find it.

May 3rd 2006- Michiana Door at the CTS. Jeremy, Jesse, Michael, Crover, Fred, and Dan. Could they ever be stopped? tune in after sunday and find out!!!

May 9th- We were stopped. We finished the prelims the top ranked Amateur team, only losing one game (and that was due to a penelty open up one side of the field). Then went to the prelims and didnt do amazing. Lost our first game to Heavy Duty (many spectators said they watched 3 HD players wipe (not just play on, but completly wipe) against us and the refs didnt catch it. Our second game was against ARP i think, on the hyperball field, won that in under a minute i think. then we played instigators on the xball field and won that as time was running out. then we played Worthless and it came down to a 5 on 2 i believe, Jeremy and Fred in both corners. They crossed guns and shot all 5 on worthless but time ran out before we could get the flag or hang it. Or last game was against Anger, we could have won this game, we were playing well, taking alot of the field as we needed to, but they put a kid in the left 50 dorito and he shot 2 of us, and we lost michael as he bunkered the dorito player making it 2 on 4. Jeremy in the snake and fred in the corner. Jeremy exchanged with one Anger player and left Fred 3 on 1 and we lost. We were set up to get 2nd or 3rd no matter what(even 1st if we won our last game) But when we finally checked scores we were in 4th, Chris said it was due to him not adding the scores properly or entering them wrong and them not adding up, so we wouldnt get any prizes. Seems to be our luck, we do good in the cts, then something having nothing to do with how we played causes us to not place (ie valley last year with extreme squidranch factory platinum and now this)