On The Road With Hysteria

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Gonna try something new here .Just a place where we can throw down a quick online journal of what weve been doing on the road.


Paintball Barn Summer 3 man

Jeremy- Played at paintball barn today. The car ride was long, tried to sleep for some of it, but didnt work out to well for me. I played with a local fields house team Kobra. When we got to Paintball Barn the only person i knew there was Josh Embry from Piracy who played 2-3 games with his cousins team. No real amazing teams there, saw 1-2 that might break out of the local tourney scene if they try hard enough, but alot of them were doomed to local tourneys forever. Game 1- I shot 2 people out, then the last guy shot me, and me teamates Nick and Sam. Game 2- I shot 3 people out. Game 3- We got maxed. Game 4- We got maxed. Game 5- I shot 2 out, then Sam and i both shot the last guy up. It was pretty hot out, and not really worth it in the end due to poor performance. But alot of thanks to Kobra, they did pay for all my entry air paint etc.

CTS Catfish Lake

Jeremy- I went to this one, but i didnt get to play. I just got to watch little ol michael kill people. Bought a gun from Parker from Piracy. Ramping DM3. Borrowed a ref jersey and hopped in on the ref team pic. Whole event wasnt to amazing, some good games though. Shane was there, playing with Atmosfear Kids. They had one wierd kid with a mohawk playing, he wasnt all that good. But he was freaking emotional, would freak out whenever he shot a player. At the end of there last game he like, dropped his gun threw his pack down started screaming "ATMOSFEAR WE DID IT, I CANT BELIEVE IT OMG 1ST PLACE!!, AHASHDFSADFASDFA" (swear to God, kid wasnt even saying real words toward the end) Everyone on the sidelines was like, "what the hell is wrong with that kid...." And his mom was walking around, "oh that ones mine, hes very emotional, hes going to be an actor some day." Then the best part was when the kids teamate was like "dude we got second........" haha. Taut him to not be so wierd. Watched SOD play. They did well, Grant is an awsome player, could be playing at alot higher level than CTS novice if he wanted to. Mikey showed up on his bike, i threw some paintballs at him, one broke on his bike so i rushed over and cleaned it off cuz i felt bad. JJ slept for like 3 hours in his car. Cleebart mixed the music up a ton, sometimes for the better, sometimes....not. If it wasnt so hot out, would have been better, but all in all a good time.

CTS Paintball Valley

Isaac- I am rather disappointed in how it turned out, but there were some good times and it was cool hanging out with emerge for a day.

Jeremy- All in all the event was fun. The ending was gay, but ill get to that. In our first 2 games we were a tad rusty, and not totaly familiar with our teamates. Oh i should mention it was Me and Isaac from Hysteria, and Drew, Rieber, and Rookie from Emerge playing as Extreme Squidranch Factory Platinum. But at about our 3rd prelim game we were rolling. We played great and our scores showed it. We finished the day out by winning the event. The rookie team Devil Dogs X was short a player, so one of our players (rookie) played the prelims with them, no big deal you would think. But, it is against the rules to help out any team i guess. So having a player rostered on two teams got us dq'd from the event thanks to Heavy Dutys excessive whining. They complained till we were dq'd (and bumped themselves into first). I guess thats the rules, so it must be fair correct? Negative, the rookie team Devil Dogs X was not DQ'd even though they had a player rostered on two teams. Odd....Then in the finales they had one of the players from Devil Dogs playing with them, so shouldnt they be disqualified to? Then i talked to a kid that said he showed up with 3 players and was just grabbing people from other teams throught the day to get enough people on the field, so shouldnt his team and the teams that helped him be Dq'd? interesting.....i wont even get into how many teams i saw using illegal paint.....Its just odd that the rules only apply to the throw together team that showed up and beat the CTS regulars. But none the less, playing with the Emerge kids was a great, we played great together i thought, and would love to do it again.

Michael- Personally i think the event was only ok. My team couldnt win a game for anything. Then to top it off a team of my mostest favoritest people won 1st place and then got jacked out of it by a bunch of whiny old guys... I see why, but the fact that "everyone" waited till the end (after they won) to complain is low. But everyone knows who EARNED their 1st place spot....

PSP World Cup Orlando Fl.

Isaac- I had a killer time hanging out with the piracy guys and would do it again in a heartbeat. It would have been nice enough just hanging out in Florida for a week, but playing paintball there is just amazing.


Was oodles of fun. Caught some grade A Florida lizards, and there was lots of attractive females at the event. Skilly won a million dollars on the McDonalds monopoly game. Sure ide like to dance….To much stuff happened to possibly ever put on here. Techno beats constantly. Missed my little lady at back home, but was still a great time.

Apocalypse Games 3 Man Angola Indiana

Jeremy- It was ok. We didnt get first, so you can imagine the amount of sadness in my blood. We had 2 finales games and the teams just kinda crossed their guns and ran the clock out on us. although one game, michael shot one of their kids and it was a 2 on 1 in our favor but it was only a few seconds left. and the other game michael was at their head of the snake with his gun to their backs when time ran out.(isnt michael a little all star?) so both games we could have won with a little more time...i dunno. sad sad times.

John Crover- I showed up at the tournament feeling good. I knew my teammates were special, and I felt that spark of unity between us. We listened to native chanting and bead rattling, and then took to the field for our first game. After that, it was a blur of easy wins after shooting maybe 30 paintballs, sometimes 40. During one game, I ran to the snake screaming with my arms raised in the air and made it alive. It was funny at the time, but would later cause disastrous consequences in "finals." We lost one game to some team, but it didn't matter because we were already in the "finals" of the "tournament". The first game we stalemated like bitches. The second game we stalemated like bitches. The other team sucked more than us so we got 2nd. The other team tried harder than us and got 1st. I say fuck them both, because I don't even know who they are. But they know me goddamnit. Michael Bruns and I. Jeremy Ostolaffus, too. We received our First Losers Trophy (2nd), gave the evil eye to the camera, and left with our brand new too-tight 06 evil jerseys that we'll never wear. Later that night...after evening milk and warm bread...I cried.